Welcome to DL Health Claim Solutions where our mission is to help you manage your medical bills, navigate the medical insurance system and facilitate the payment of your claims. Navigating the medical system and using your health insurance to pay for medical care is very confusing. There are many different health insurance plans and medical providers often have no idea if they participate with your specific insurance plan.



For four months I attempted to resolve billing inaccuracies and issues with my health insurance provider on my own. Bills in excess of $5000 were being denied that should have been covered.
Denise Sikora has proved be extremely professional, very knowledgeable, highly organized and an excellent communicator (very important since she has been writing my appeals to the insurance company).

I highly recommend the services that this company has to offer, especially to those who are experiencing unfair practices from their health insurers or simply need assistance with claims resolution.

– Bonnie, Dayton, NJ

My husband and I were buried in paperwork from our insurance company, doctors and hospitals in connection with the premature birth of our twins.Our sons were in the intensive care unit for seven weeks while I was in the hospital for two weeks myself. Within six months, DL Health Claim Solutions as able to resolve 100% of our medical claims and save us nearly $50,000 by working with our insurance company, the hospital, various medical professionals and us.

I would highly recommend DL Health Claim Solutions, without hesitation……….

– Sara, Hoboken, NJ

During my sister Virginia’s final bout with breast cancer, my sister Mary Jane and I shared caregiver duties. One of the biggest challenges for us, operating in a different state, was organizing my sister’s care while managing her financial affairs. Virginia quickly became too ill to assist with that.

I bless the day I saw that the Monmouth County Cancer Support Community of Eatontown was offering a workshop on managing medical bills with Denise Sikora, a former medical billing professional. What we learned at that workshop, in just an hour, has changed my understanding of the medical system forever. It was the most practical advice we received in the six-month ordeal to follow. We immediately engaged the services of DL Health Claim Solutions, who exceeded our expectations for efficiency and ultimately paid for itself in helping us avoid the health claim pitfalls.

I enthusiastically recommend DL Health Claim Solutions to anyone managing any kind of illness or medical calamity. Denise Sikora and her staff are no-nonsense professionals who enjoy taking on the complex medical bills from multiple health care providers, some of whom the patient never sees, and resolving all of these bills.The investment in this service was the best choice we made………

– Pat, Marshall, VA

Thank you so very much for your help in resolving my son’s hospital bill. We
could not have gotten to the bottom of this on our own.

– Marcie

Thank you so much for everything. One and a half years later, I can’t
believe it is really over. You provide a very important service and I am so
grateful I found you. I know it could not have been done without your hard

– Jenny




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